Dave has absolutely strengthened the COCA‐I community through networking, advocacy, and education. He is committed to helping children with cancer and their families, and not only through Special Love. If you call Dave for guidance with your camp, he is open to sharing resources to help your camp improve and giving advice from his experiences. Dave will also point you in the direction of whom else in our COCA‐I community would be helpful with their resources and expertise in whatever the question may be. Dave always has the COCA‐I members best interest in mind.

At Special Love, Dave helps in all facets of ensuring the program is a huge success! From raising money at their Annual Spring Gala, Annual Fall in Love 10K Run & 5K Run/Walk, and many Golf Tournaments! He pretty much raises money all year long!

Besides finding new volunteers and counselors Dave also develops the volunteer manual and leads the orientation for new counselors every year. He is the lead in all program development. He develops new programs, new contacts, finds volunteers and counselors for these programs, and negotiates locations for camp as the liaison for Special Love.


Dave serves as a liaison to the board of directors as a part of the Special Love Leadership Team. He is active on the leadership committees for all their week long and weekend camps. So besides developing the programs and training the staff, Dave also leads the planning committee for camp, he also oversees all communications with the hospitals, volunteers, and camp sites.

At Special Love, Camp Fantastic, Dave is known as” Big Chief”, the person who oversees all things at camp ‐ fun, discipline and the buses! Everybody looks to Dave.



Dave not only was elected as the COCA-I Board of Directors President (November 3, 2012 ‐ November 6, 2014), he has served COCA-I over the years with the Conference Committee, Research and Education Committee, and Fundraising Committee. Dave’s positive working relationship with other COCA‐I members and member camps is why he was elected as the COCA‐I Board President. Those of us that served on the board while he was president will remember his philosophy of working together as a group toward common goals; he worked well with each board member and the board members appreciated his input and follow through.

Dave has undoubtedly inspired other COCA‐I members with his many songs, games and his willingness to share his knowledge with anyone that asks. He’s taken the time to speak with those that have questions and needs, whether it’s after a session or in the hospitality suite. Dave has an ability to take on anything that is requested of him on the fly and make it sound well-rehearsed, it is a skill that all amazing camp leaders aspire to have.


Dave has 3 boys.17 / 14 / 11. He is a musician and enjoys sharing
his music with anyone who will sing or play with him.