• Category: Video
  • Name of Entry: "The Most Best Summer Camp in the World"
  • Contact Phone: 205-323-8427
  • Contact Name: Ellie Barrentine
  • Entry Background/Description: Each year at Smile-A-Mile, we feature families in videos to share the impact of Smile-A-Mile with our supporters. In this year’s video, we highlight the Ledbetter-Dunn family. Through their story, others can see that Smile-A-Mile is a constant presence as they navigate the pediatric cancer journey. In addition, this video highlights the camp and family activities that are planned to provide hope during the childhood cancer journey. While this journey is long for many of our families, the Ledbetter-Dunn family explains in detail how Smile-A-Mile has provided, and will continue to provide, solace and support during some of the hardest moments for their family.
  • Why You Should Vote for Me: Liam said it best, “Smile-A-Mile is the most best summer camp in the world!” It is our distinct honor and privilege to provide a little bit of happiness in moments of darkness for our families. I don’t know that there are many people who could have explained better why we do what we do than the Ledbetter-Dunn family!
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