Camp Sunshine

  • Category: Video
  • Name of Entry: Celebrating 40 Years of Sunshine
  • Contact Phone: 7706567701
  • Contact Name: Meredith Allison
  • Entry Background/Description: This year Camp Sunshine celebrates 40 years of supporting childhood cancer fighters, survivors, and their families. This video portrays the lasting impact Camp Sunshine has had on so many lives. We hope to continue to create a community of hope for our campers and families. As long as there is childhood cancer, there is Camp Sunshine.
  • Why You Should Vote for Me: Forty years is a huge milestone that we are excited to celebrate! We feel that this video does an amazing job of portraying the meaningful impact a sense of community and hope can provide during even the most challenging of times. We are honored to be able to support families throughout Georgia for forty more years.
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