Camp Magical Moments

Camp Magical Moments
  • Category: Promotional Brochure
  • Name of Entry: 2022 Brochure
  • Contact Phone: 208 681 7762
  • Contact Name: Heather Olsen
  • Entry Background/Description: We just did a new and fun brochure for our camp this year! We think it is pretty Great!
  • Why You Should Vote for Me: Cause it is so fabulous and colorful. Really eye-popping!
  • Optional: A link to a supporting PDF file.: file:///C:/Users/Heather/Documents/Labels-letterheads/Brochure%202022.pdf
  • In consideration for submitting materials for Best of COCA, I give permission for COCA to use submissions in promotion of childhood cancer awareness, pediatric oncology camps and to benefit COCA as an association.: I agree to these Terms and Conditions