• Contest: Camp Photo
  • Name of Entry: Friendship
  • What Should the Voters Know?: This was NOT shot as a marketing tool, we promise. We were all in our camp shirts on the way to get our group photo taken for the year. These 3 girls have really become best friends at camp, this was just a great shot of them hanging out before we got moving.
  • Why Should You Vote for Me?: For starters this was day 4 and they're still wearing their name tags!! They're now 13 and the best of friends, camp is where they've been reuniting to see each other since they were 6. We just think this shot captures the joy that these three have whenever they are with each other at camp, We only wish this photo included the constant giggling and fun conversations that go along with them wherever they go!
  • Contact Name: : Mike Daly
  • Contact Phone: 352-409-4325