• Contest: Camp Video
  • Name of Entry: The Week That Was
  • What Should the Voters Know?: Star Wars was our theme this summer, and we try to incorporate the theme into as many activities as possible. You'll see it here and there throughout, but the real craziness happens in the evening at our MESSY Night, where The Force was strong this particular evening!
  • Why Should You Vote for Me?: We titled it "The Week that Was", to share with families and show some of the craziness that happens at camp. In reality though, this is ONE DAY! Our videographer was only available to come shoot this one day, its really mind blowing when you put it all in a 2 minute clip how much happens in one day at camp. All the setting up and breaking down that most never see, and all the fun being had. No wonder we all sleep for 3 days straight when we get home!
  • Contact Name: : Mike Daly
  • Contact Phone: 352-409-4325