2019 COCAcademy Slides

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with Scott Arizala & Sarah Kurtz McKinnon

COCAcon Keynote & Session Presentations

Track File Name Presenter
CEU Eligible Duct Tape and Safety Pins Improvised and Wilderness Medicine Travis Mellon Dr. Travis "Pancho" Mellon
CEU Eligible How COCA-I camps help campers and Research Update M Amylon Dr. Mike Amylon
CEU Eligible Good Grief the Art of Juggling Joy and Sorrow Andrea Warnick Andrea Warnick
CEU Eligible I don't know what to say! Andrea Warnick
CEU Eligible New Hazardous Drugs Regulation - Overview and Considerations for Oncology Camps Chris Beckwith
CEU Eligible Medications at Camp Meghan Gomez 11-Sep-19 Meghan Gomez
CEU Eligible More Than Just a Craft - Kristina Richetts CEU Eligible Kristina Richetts
CEU Eligible Camp Health Hot Topics Addressing Current Challenges and Concerns - Tracey C. Gaslin CEU Eligible Tracey Gaslin
Child Development What about Sibs M Amylon Dr. Mike Amylon
Child Development Child Development Talking to Campers About Cancer at Camp Jayme and Nick Bellamy Jayme and Nick Bellamy
Child Development Adolescents and young adults (AYA) M Amylon Dr. Mike Amylon
Fundraising Fundraising - Develop an Annual Fundraising Plan - Shelby Russell and Becca Washer_ Shelby Russell and Becca Washer
Gold Ribbon COCA Policy, Procedure, Practice workshop 112019 Final Brain Crater and Jennifer Amundsen
KEYNOTE Trends Challenges Opportunities Tom Rosenberg COCA-I 11-15-2019 Tom Rosenberg
Programming Dr. Jim Cain, Teamwork & Teamplay_Presentation_Upload_29-Sep-19_Better_Facilitation Dr. Jim Cain
Programming Dr. Jim Cain, Teamwork & Teamplay_Bio_Upload_29-Sep-19_Top_10 Dr. Jim Cain
Programming Creating a SIBS Camp Program Barbie Ricke, BSN RN Barbie Ricke
Programming Programming with Intention M Amylon Dr. Mike Amylon
Programming For Teens From Teens A case study in teen‐driven programming Marjorie Scher
Staff Development How to Talk to Campers About Cancer Jayme and Nick Bellamy Jayme and Nick Bellamy
Staff Development Counselor and Mentorship Program Ryan Campbell Ryan Campbell
Staff Development That One Time at Cancer Camp Darryl Perkins, Jr. & Devin Ryan Darryl Perkins and Devin Ryan