Spirit of COCA-I Award - $5,000 to recipient's camp

Northwestern Mutual proudly partners with COCA-I to award the recipients camp $5,000 for excellence and achievement in making a lasting impact on the life of a child; a child who happens to have cancer.


The Northwestern Mutual Spirit of COCA-I Award spotlights the one who exemplifies the values of COCA-I through helping to provide a meaningful camping and program experience for children who are affected by childhood cancers. Additionally, the recipient will have worked to promote and strengthen the COCA-I organization as a whole.

A $5,000 award will be presented to the recipient’s camp.

Nominate Your Candidate Today! Deadline extended to October 15th.

The selection committee decides the recipient for the Spirit of COCA-I award based on the following criteria.

  • Position at Camp
  • Years of Service at the Camp
  • Camp Involvement
  • Role with COCA-I
  • COCA-I Spirit

Well prepared and detailed submissions help to paint a clear picture of the nominee to the selection committee. Questions about the submission process, as well as, supporting documents should be emailed to info@cocai.org. Recipient need not attend the Annual Conference.
Submissions must be received no later than 5:00PM Eastern time on October 15th.


Position at Camp

Camp Involvement

Please explain in detail how the nominee has been involved in one or any of the following:

Role with COCA-I

Has the Nominee?

COCA-I Spirit

Please provide examples of how the nominee…

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