Volunteer Recognition


How to Submit Entries for:

  • Newsletter

  • Promotional Brochure

  • Program or Activity

  • Volunteer Recognition Program

  • Fundraising Event

  • Social Media Campaign

  • Camp In-a-Box

  • Impact or Annual Report

Entries accepted beginning August 25. Entries close November 12th at 12:00 PM CT

These award categories require more description and narration, and the entry process is slightly different than Camp Photo and Camp Video.

Here are a few tips to consider when you select your particular contest:

Be Descriptive 

Name your entry something catchy and memorable to make an impression on voters.

  • Each award includes these input boxes:
    • What Should Voters Know?
    • Why Should You Vote for Me?

  • Take advantage of these inputs areas to fully describe your program, event, etc. Include as much information as possible. Consider addressing subjects like:
    • What You Did
    • Why It Worked
    • Description
    • Budget
    • Effectiveness
    • Testimonials

For Social Media Campaign entries, include platforms used by your campaign (e.g. Website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube), Metrics (hits, likes, etc.), pictures, and samples of support materials.


Upload a representative image where the form requests " Upload Your Image". Create an interesting image (png, jpg, jpeg, or gif) to represent your entry. This image will appear on the contest page along with other entries in the awards category.

Also, you can add up to 5 images to support your entry. These images can be photos, scans or image conversions of existing documents. (Remember, you can convert a pdf file into images through Adobe. This can be helpful to include brochures, programs, etc.)


 NOTE: Submitting a PDF supporting document:


You can submit a supporting document two different ways:

  1. Convert the cover page of your entry into an image, and upload the cover page into the Entry Image(s) field. Next, input the website or google docs link into the PDF field.

  2. Convert each page of your document into an image (.jpg, png, etc.)  and upload each image separately into the Entry Image(s) field.


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