Website Entry

  • Entries accepted beginning August 25. Entries close November 12th at 12:00 PM CT
  • The website should have been completed and published during 2021.
  • In the entry form include a description. Make sure to answer "Why Should You Vote for Me?"
  • For a complete entry, create a snapshot image of your website's home page. In the entry form, upload this image where the form requests "Upload Your Image". This image will serve as the thumbnail for your entry.



NOTE: Submitting a PDF supporting document:


You can submit a supporting document two different ways:

  1. Convert the cover page of your entry into an image, and upload the cover page into the Entry Image(s) field. Next, input the website or google docs link into the PDF field.

  2. Convert each page of your document into an image (.jpg, png, etc.) and upload each image separately into the Entry Image(s) field.


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