Aurora Day Camp

Aurora Day Camp
Aurora Day Camp
  • Contest: 2021 Northwestern Excellence in Camp Programming - Photo Submission
  • Name of Entry: Camp Photo
  • Contact Name: Sami Tanenbaum
  • Contact Phone: 404 428 6865
  • Email:
  • What Should the Voters Know?: Summer 2021 was anything but normal, but that did not rain on our parade! While we took every safety measure to keep our campers healthy, masks sure did get in the way. So naturally, we do what all camp people do and made lemonade when we were dealt lemons. Our Rangers Unit Head made sure to dress up almost every day and she left no detail go unplanned- including the mask! This picture was taken during Color War (Mario vs. Luigi) with one of her campers. You can see the smiles behind the masks but you can also feel the creativity jumping through the screen in a clever way. This picture helps to normalize the daily use of masks during the summer in a creative way.

    You can also feel the fun oozing from the picture that was taken on our Super Sloppy Day. Campers LOVED spreading icing on their counselor's faces and dripping chocolate sauce all over their bodies. Who said social distancing can't be fun and messy?!