• Contest: 2021 Northwestern Excellence in Camp Programming -Video Submission
  • Name of Entry: SunSibs Virtual Camp Box Pick Up
  • Contact Name: Joseph Young
  • Contact Phone: 4432868722
  • Email:
  • What Should the Voters Know?: 2021 was SunSibs second virtual camp. We wanted to make the second year different then the first year in some ways, so that it was still something exciting.

    One of the ways we did that was changed how the box of activities was delivered to the children and their families. We hosted a drive thru style box pick up. The family’s vehicles drove through and stopped at different stations building their box of activities for the virtual weekend. The drive thru was hosted at our camp site which allowed the campers to visit this site for first time in 2 years (even for a short while).

    The video show cases our hardworking volunteers handing out the activities to our campers and their families.