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West Coast Kids Cancer Foundation
  • Category: Newsletter
  • Name of Entry: City Camp - In-person & Virutal Newsletter
  • Contact Phone: 604 394 2029 Ext. 2
  • Contact Name: Kelsey Merritt
  • Entry Background/Description: Each day was something new and exciting for our campers in-person and virtually. Everyone knows that at the end of the day, when the kids go home and their parents ask them "how was your day? What was your favourite part" you get a very brief answer or something that goes like "The rocket ships were amazing and so many googly eyes were used, and my larry was so funny and did a play today". Sounds pretty exciting BUT what really happened at camp that day!

    What the child meant in their response was that they created their own bottle rockets out of 2L pop bottles that got launched over 40 feet in the air. They did DIY sock puppets and used google eyes to cover their entire alien puppet named Larry, and they used a giant cardboard box to make a puppet theatre and their new friend and they put on a show for the group.
  • Why You Should Vote for Me: Our incredibly talented photographer Jasmine captured the magic of in-person and virtual camp this year. Each day she would send home a daily newsletter recapping that day's adventures. They were also printed and laminated and put up at camp. The families were so excited to see their kids showcased; it was a great momento to remind them of the fun they had each day! Vote for Jasmine's INCREDIBLE talent & all the magic the kids inspired at camp.
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