Camp Hobe'

  • Category: Video
  • Name of Entry: Land Rover Grant Submission
  • Contact Phone: 8016312742
  • Contact Name: Christina Beckwith
  • Entry Background/Description: This 3-minute video was created for a grant contest for Land Rover this fall. The grant would consist of an actual Land Rover, plus funds. We tried to keep it short and sweet, focusing on punchy music, cute photos, and captions that specifically addressed the grant criteria. While it's mostly still photos, we were still able to capture the spirit and fun that is Camp Hobe'.
  • Why You Should Vote for Me: Cute kids, fun music, and a great shout-out for why we need a Land Rover. What more could you want?
  • In consideration for submitting materials for Best of COCA, I give permission for COCA to use submissions in promotion of childhood cancer awareness, pediatric oncology camps and to benefit COCA as an association.: I agree to these Terms and Conditions