Camp Heart Connection

  • Category: Video
  • Name of Entry: Camp is Family
  • Contact Phone: 515.243.6239
  • Contact Name: Jourdan Reed
  • Entry Background/Description: This video was created by The Storytellers Studios out of Springfield, IL for Camp Heart Connection's largest annual fundraiser of the year. This fundraiser helps fund all six of Camp Heart Connection's camps including: Spring Family Camp, Oncology Camp, Day Camp, Sibling Camp, Fall Family Camp, and Teen Camp. We wanted to keep the video short and impactful with testimonials from a family, the Camp Director, and a past camper who is now a camp volunteer and serves on the organization's board.
  • Why You Should Vote for Me: This video shows the true magic of what it means to be part of the Camp Heart Connection family. It shows to impact that camp has on not only the families and campers but the volunteers as well! It is a reminder that even after the treatment is done, the cancer journey is not over. We take pride in saying that we serve the entire family through the entire journey.
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