COCA Board Nomination Form


The Children's Oncology Camping Association encourages Board participation from it's member camps. We are delighted you are interested in joining the COCA Board. There are a number of Board positions to consider.

To apply this is a quick 4 step process:

STEP 1: Candidate Video: We will be handling Board elections online. To assist that process we ask each candidate to prepare a video (3 minutes) to introduce yourself and tell us why you want to be on the COCA Board, and the skills and expertise you bring. Upload your video to a video hosting platform, e.g. youtube, vimeo, etc. and copy the link into the field below.

STEP 2:  Please review the appropriate job description (below) and time and cost commitment to ensure you meet criteria and can perform the duties of the position prior to completing/submitting this form. 

Job Descriptions

Officer (President, Treasurer, Secretary)

Regional Director


Time & Cost

Please make sure your Employer and Camp are aware of your nomination in advance. There is a time commitment (not miss more than two consecutive board meetings on an annual basis) as well as attending the annual conference, in person, for Board Meetings Wednesday and Thursday prior to conference. For cost, contact for specifics.

STEP 3: Review the Following Key Dates

  • October 31st - nomination submissions end
  • November 8-16th - nominations open for viewing by members
  • Wednesday, November 17th - voting during virtual annual meeting @ 8-9:30 PM EST, 7-8:30 PM CST, 6-7:30 PM MST, 5-6:30 PM PST

STEP 4: Complete the Applicant Information Below

(Maximum 2500 characters)
(Maximum 2500 characters)

Applicant Camp Sponsor

If you don't have a "headshot", we can crop any photograph - even from a group of people.
(Accepted file formats: jpg, jpeg, gif, pdf, png, zip)