COCAcademy 2023


Syllabus (Click here)

Allison Krabill

Allison first chanted the camp name to light the magic campfire at age 6 and quickly became that one kid that never stops talking about camp. At 28, she became one of the youngest YMCA executive directors in the country as she led YMCA Camp Immokalee through doubling the budget, master planning, board restructuring, capital improvements, and more. Allison combines her camp experience with The Summer Camp Society’s out-of-the-box thinking to help create an accessible, inclusive, innovative, and unforgettable camp experience for all.

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Jack Schott


Jack struggles with bureaucracy, loves fun, and secretly stays up late obsessing over businessy stuff. His unique perspectives come from his varied background. An engineer, Jack took the first few years post-college to travel the country visiting over 200 camps in 47 states. Building on what he saw, he co-founded Stomping Ground, a non-profit sleepaway camp inspiring radical empathy and co-founded The Summer Camp Society. In 2022, Jack trained more than 2000 camp staff at 20+ camps.
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