Camp Quality Alberta

Camp Quality Alberta
Camp Quality Alberta
Camp Quality Alberta
  • Contest: 2021 Northwestern Excellence in Camp Programming - Photo Submission
  • Name of Entry: CQ Alberta: Bigger and Better!
  • Contact Name: Maya Stern
  • Contact Phone: 416-406-2267 x.101
  • Email:
  • What Should the Voters Know?: CQ Alberta Camp-at-Home went bigger and better in 2021!

    We expanded our Camp-in-a-Box with full-sized activities, and our volunteer-developed program mirrored our community-based approach to camp. This year's camp theme was Game Shows. Our innovative camp activities complemented our virtual programs, which included live activities like dance parties, crafts and games. Our uniquely developed CQ intranet portal, called Campsite, allowed our campers to connect with each other and partake in typical camp rituals in a safe and accessible format even while participating in offline activities. One of our camper families said, "They bring an almost full camp experience at home!" The past couple of years have proven that Camp Quality is a feeling and a state of mind. We know that the friendship, positivity and optimism that CQ helps campers build has transcended physical barriers, and that we successfully kept our campers connected.

    We are so grateful to COCA-I and Northwestern Mutual for helping make Camp-at-Home possible and supporting all of Camp Quality to keep our campers connected!
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